Message from the Commandant


In order for us to successfully complete our mission, I call on every member of the Detachment to come together and join in camaraderie and fellowship by attending meetings and scheduled events.  Become a part of the discussion, which will lead your Detachment forward in 2020.  If there are ideas that you think would benefit the Detachment, come to a Board of Trustees and/or General Meeting and be heard.  If you do not agree with or dislike something in the Detachment, come to a Board of Trustees and/or General Meeting and be heard.  Your ideas and input are instrumental to the success of your Detachment.  Reach out to your elected leaders for guidance and support.  Become an active member of YOUR Detachment.  Success and change will not happen when Marine Corps League business is solely discussed outside of the League; but when the courage is taken to bring up your suggestions for the good of the League during a meeting.

Community Support

Our mission in 2020 is for our Detachment to remove itself from the comfort of our home base and gets out into the community.  This year, we will support Veterans in need, Veteran organization, and youth groups in our area of operation. This can and will be done in a variety of way including, participating in clothing/food drives, donations and/or fundraising, lending support to a family in need, standing up the Marine for Life network (supporting soon-to-retire and EASing Marines and their families), and supporting the families of our Brothers and Sisters who have passed.  


The Junior Vice Commandant’s main goal is recruiting and retention. I have tasked him to find our Detachment various opportunities to get out in the community and let the City of Rio Rancho and beyond know that who we are and what our purpose is.  I will work with the Junior Vice Commandant to create a Recruiting and Retention Committee, but I need everyone in the Detachment to understand that recruiting and retention is a shared responsibility, shared by ALL who are a part of this Detachment.